CDP Mission

The CDP aims to provide international leadership and train next-generation scientists in the fundamental science and engineering that underpin dielectric and piezoelectric materials. The center supports industries based on capacitor and piezoelectric materials and devices through the development of new materials, processing strategies, electrical testing, and nanoscale characterization and modeling methodologies.


Innovations in the dielectrics and piezoelectrics industrial sectors often arise from research advances in materials chemistry, synthesis, and/or manufacturing that enable new materials and device functionality. A broad and diverse number of material challenges across the capacitor- and piezoelectric-based industries are addressed by research thrusts within the CDP. In many of these areas, the CDP faculty members are international leaders and have unique capabilities to drive research innovations for next-generation materials and devices. Our aim is to engage companies across the supply chain, i.e. ones that manufacture dielectric and piezoelectric materials, component manufacturers, and end users, who will provide the technological pull for CDP research activities.

CDP is a joint collaboration between North Carolina State University(NCSU) and The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and is supported by the National Science Foundation and CDP members.